Ensemble Mi–65 performing “TRANSmusic (VARIATIONS)”

Ensemble Mi–65 performing “TRANSmusic (VARIATIONS)” was the opening of the SOUNDEXCHANGE DAY Krakow together with the Audio Art Festival. The concert space at Bunkier Sztuki was completly filled, people were standing in several rows even in the hallway to the venue…
Mi – 65 is an occasional band created for the project “Sound Exchange”, curated by Carsten Seiffarth and Daniel Matej. The project “TRANS music [VARIATIONS]” is focused on the graphic and verbal scores by Milan Adamčiak, a “fluxus” artist from Slovakia, who has influenced many visual artists and musicians by his open-minded, hyper-creative and non-conventional approach to art. The project is dedicated to his 65th birthday. You can find some impressions on the Audio-Art Festival flickr page.

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