riga documentation

soundexchange day riga by carsten stabenow

Some visual impressions from the soundexchange day riga can be found here >>>.The Goethe Institut Riga / Anglikanu Baznica set up some galleries:
Standuino workshop >>>
Soundexchange exhibition >>>
Soundexchange performances >>>

and here a video documentation by Artis Bangieris:

a documentation about the standuino workshop by the TV-Show  „Krejums saldais“ 10.09.2012 :

sound exchange day riga

SOUND EXCHANGE DAY RIGA is the project’s fourth station to be organised by DOCK e.V. Berlin and the Goethe Institut Riga together with the Skaņu Mežs Festival for new and experimental music at White Night Riga 2012. Outstanding representatives of experimental music culture from Latvia, Hungary and Germany have been selected to present their work.